Through Time and Tides

‘Steady As She Goes’

On the nearby Maine shore, West Quoddy Head Light has seen its share of shifting tides and rough waters. Through them all, even as its light evolved from whale oil to LEDs, it steadfastly fulfills its mission.

We’ve weathered a few rough waters at Quoddy, too. And like the Light, we’re steadfast in our mission: to provide exceptionally durable, traditionally built footwear.

Upholding the Tradition

The Hands at the Helm

We’re Kirsten and Kevin Shorey. Officially, we're the owners now, but we see ourselves more as stewards, charged with keeping the company on-course and progressing. We're proud to say that Quoddy is stronger than ever, still true to its roots, and committed to its customers and its traditions.

The Quoddy Team

The Hands on the Tools

At our Lewiston workshop, crafters hand-make shoes the way generations before them did. In fact, some of the same machines they use, others worked with a hundred years ago.

It's not just their hands on the tools that make a Quoddy shoe. It's also their eyes and their judgment. Every crafter can make a shoe from scratch, and at any point, if a shoe isn’t Quoddy quality, anyone is empowered to reject it.

Built to Last

The Inside Story

When you build a shoe to last, you use the best quality material you can find. You also make sure that it can be repaired or refurbished if need be, not thrown away.

To cut cost, some manufacturers use cardboard where it won't show. But leather is more comfortable and more durable. Guess what you'll find if you cut open Quoddy footwear?

Moccasin Construction

The Foot Cradle

When they hear “moccasin,” most people think of a shoe with a comfortable, one-piece, wrap-around sole that cradles your foot. We build the main part of our shoes exactly like that. Then depending on the use and the model, we durably attach an outer sole.

The Hand-Makers Tale

Dozens, Not Thousands

At heart, we are shoemakers and we would love nothing more than to make every pair of Quoddy shoes in Maine.

But the fact of the matter is that more people want Quoddy shoes than our workshop in Lewiston can make in any reasonable time. That is why in-stock shoes are made both in our Lewiston workshop, and elsewhere to our exact specifications.

Wherever they are made, you can be sure that they are of the quality you expect from Quoddy.

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