KKB Collection

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

The KKB Collection is built in collaboration with our friend Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Kelly was raised in the Midwest, is a mother of two, an Equestrian, Fashion influencer, Supermodel, and Philanthropist. This collaboration emphasizes her obsession from farm to fashion.

A true definition of casual chic... "Have the best day ever" with the KKB Collection by Kelly and Quoddy! @kellybensimon

introducing the new

EXERSOLE® by Quoddy

Our Newest EXERSOLE® by Quoddy
The Mt. Desert Boot for Men and Women

"Barefoot" fit handsewn "Moc" construction featuring our ESQ footshape. Wider in the toebox providing an anatomically correct fit this new line of footwear is built for comfort and durability... built they look great too. Available now for a limited time... don't miss out!

introducing the new

EXERSOLE® by Quoddy

EXERSOLE® by Quoddy is our "Barefoot" fit product. Built on our EXQ™ last, this new line of product provides more room to "spread" your toes. This anatomically correct shape promotes benefit in posture and comfort resulting in overall foot and joint health. Enjoy a new world of fit and comfort with one of our EXERSOLE® by Quoddy products. You'll be blown away!

Resole & Refurbish

One of the benefits of purchasing handsewn Quoddy shoes is that if the sole wears out or a stitch gets torn, rather than toss them, you can have them resoled or repaired by the same skilled hands that built them.

Employee Spotlight

Elizabeth Pendleton

Quoddy Customer Service Manager

did you know?

Quoddy is based in Maine

... was established in 1947. Is a family business led by Maine natives Kirsten and Kevin Shorey. We use the original shoe construction methods passed down from generations of Maine shoemakers.


... are hands down the best quality, most comfortable and stylish shoe. I will be buying these till I die.

Expert Craftsmanship

Always impressed with the level of quality and craftsmanship on every order.