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The Craft of Quoddy

What's a moccasin?
Moccasins represent a specific approach to shoemaking; a footwear philosophy and a construction technique. Quite simply, Quoddy’s method of moccasin construction creates a shoe that functions as a glove for your foot. It surrounds your foot in supple leather, and allows your foot muscles, bones, and tendons to support you naturally as they were intended to do, while offering protection, cushioning, and style.

A Quoddy shoe adapts to you and your foot rather than forcing you to accommodate it. It has a natural feel; you are connected to your walking surface, connected to the earth. Even the soles are designed to promote this; they are stitched to the shoe bottom rather than glued so that they maintain flexibility and can be infinitely replaced.

And because we are Mainers, our moccasins are built to last and able to be repaired at any time. Quoddy stands steadfastly behind our products; you can send them back to us anytime for resoling, repair, or general refurbishing.